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Key Benefits of a Master Bath Remodel

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Mar 01, 2022

If you walk into your master bathroom and feel like you could use an upgrade, it may be a smart idea! Master bath remodels could be beneficial to you in the future. Here are some key benefits that a master bath remodel has on you and your home.

Add Extra Bathroom Storage

According to Statista, 33% of homeowners stated they renovated their master bathroom because they could no longer stand it. This can be a big issue for you if you have no storage. No matter the size of your bathroom, you may want some extra storage areas to organize your towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, and other bathroom essentials. A master bath remodel allows you to add the storage space you always dreamed of. Depending on what you want, it could be as simple as taking out the vanity or shelves you already have in there and replacing them with better-optimized storage. If you want smarter storage, you can add shelves to the walls to increase the space of your bathroom.

Add Value to Your Home

When you are ready to sell your home, a newly remodeled master bathroom increases your home’s value. This is because of the new and different features you added to your bathroom. As the housing market grows, the more popular styles change within homes. Modern homes and rooms are very popular right now, so if your master bath remodel is full of neutral colors and clean finishes, your home’s value will increase based on the style of your bathroom.

As well as the style, brand new installations in your bathroom remodel will increase your home’s value. More buyers want homes that have the latest appliances and installations. A brand new shower installation makes your home more appealing to the buyers around you. This is because when people buy a home, they don’t want to have to worry about fixing anything like mold from water damage. Remodeling your bathroom with the latest and greatest items will reel people in.

Save Money On Monthly Bills

If your bathroom is outdated, then you run older appliances from when you bought your house 20 years ago. You may be paying a lot more than you should on your electric bill. This being said, you can add brand new light fixtures and fix other outdated equipment you still use.

You can also replace the shower to have a cheaper water bill at the end of the month. Or you can replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower to allow the water to flow better down the drain. Contact a home renovation contractor to get started on your master bath remodel today.

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